Why your donation matters

The innovative medical research being conducted here at the Austin precinct has contributed to some world-first breakthroughs and led the charge against a host of challenging diseases.

Donations are critical to the ongoing development of medical care and treatments.

Allocation Flexibility - Donations to AMRF are allocated through our grant program to prioritise the most ground-breaking, industry-changing research going on. 

Full Transparency - In addition to 100% of donations going to fund medical research, the successful recipients of funding are published online and the details are fully accessible.

Accelerate Research - The more financial support medical research programs receive the more accelerated the outcomes. More resources lead to faster development of diagnostic processes and tools, preventative measures and new treatments.

Funding Gaps - Filling funding gaps in medical research helps ensure that these crucial projects and programs aren’t overlooked by larger funding agencies or government grants. 

Accountability - With AMRF, you can rest assured that all of your contributions are going to fund medical research. Our Foundation is accountable for how we use your generous donations and ensure that every dollar helps medical researchers further discover better ways for patient care and treatment. 

100% of donations support research projects

When you make a donation to the AMRF, you’re guaranteed that every dollar you contribute will be directly allocated to a funded project.

To ensure that our project teams are best empowered to make ground-breaking discoveries across a range of medical issues, we directly contribute all of our donor’s generosity to fund their projects.

Funding for research programs making a difference

As our understanding of the human body and medicine develops - along with our technological advancements - supporting great research has become even more critical.

We’re dedicated to making a difference through our funding programs and your support is critical to our success.

How you can make an impact

Making a difference to medical research is easy. You can choose to donate directly or through our bequest program

However you decide to leave a positive legacy, our researchers and the many, many patients their work has helped to treat, cure and care for thank you. 

Donation frequently asked questions

Yes. All donations made to the AMRF to the value of $2.00 or more are tax deductible.

Yes, you can. When you donate to the AMRF, you can specify where your donation goes according to the following allocation categories:

  • Research group

  • Research project

  • Diseases (i.e., research into mental health or breast cancer)

  • Time (i.e., immediate contribution or long-term funding)

All of it. That’s the AMRF guarantee. We know how important every dollar is in supporting our researchers’ work and that’s why all donations are directly allocated to project grants. 

Yes. All of our awarded grants are published.

To find out more about the application process and criteria, please visit our Apply for Grants webpage.

Absolutely. We use the secure payment application Stripe. All online donations require the use of a credit card. Once your details are entered, the link will complete the transaction via Stripe.

You can contact our team today via phone during office hours or at our email address to find out more about what the AMRF does, our researcher’s projects, how to donate and our grant application process. 

Every dollar donated supports innovative new medical care and treatment research.

The AMRF guarantees that every dollar our donors contribute goes to medical research. With a number of donation options available to suit your needs, you can help us help those on the cutting-edge of medical breakthroughs and global health programs.