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Providing your philanthropic support to world-leading medical research is easy, thanks to the vital work being conducted right here at the Austin precinct.

The globally recognised team have cemented a track record for undertaking ground-breaking research to improve the ways patient care is administered and treatments provided around the world.

The Austin Medical Research Foundation (AMRF) is a proud supporter of our medical researchers and are grateful to our donors accordingly.

How can you make a difference?

To facilitate easy philanthropic giving, the AMRF offers multiple ways in which one can donate and contribute.

Ways to donate

Donate directly

If you’d like to support great medical research as soon as possible, consider donating directly

Donate via bequest

For those looking for an alternate way to contribute, find out more about our bequest program

Donation specification options

Unspecified donations made to the AMRF are directed by the Foundation to fund research based on scientific merit as determined by our Research Advisory Committee.

Alternatively, you are welcome to support research into a particular disease depending on your passion and/or interest, such as breast cancer research or mental health research.

If you would prefer to donate to a specific research group in support of their work, you may specify such when making your donation. 

Unlike the options above, this form of donation is not allocated to a specific disease or group of researchers but rather - more specifically - to a single research project as determined by the donor. 

Donations can also be earmarked when contributed to determine whether they are to be allocated immediately or available to provide long-term funding as required. This allows our donors to choose whether to contribute to research now or to be held and provided in the future. 

The AMRF Promise

Our promise is as follows:

Every dollar that is donated is guaranteed to go to medical research. Gifts provided for a specific research area, group or project will be allocated accordingly. 

Tax deductible donations

Thanks to Australian Tax Office (ATO) approval, all donations made to the AMRF to the value of $2.00 or more are tax deductible.

We maintain our ATO standard by submitting annual company returns to the Australian Companies and Securities Commission. We are also subjected to an external audit annually.

Donate today

If you’d like to find out more information, call us or email us today. 

If you’re ready to start supporting great research, that’s great! You can download an AMRF donation form or donate online immediately below.

Online donation

All online donations will require the use of a credit card. Please enter your donation details below and click on the link to complete the transaction.
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