Funding ground-breaking medical research from the ground up

The Austin Medical Research Foundation (AMRF) has been supporting medical research throughout the course of its long history to better all of our futures. 

At our core, our funding and support is directed at driving the best outcomes for patients. We do this by ensuring established researchers have access to the resources they need to explore the innovative ideas that will progress medical development and help change people’s lives.

We encourage tomorrow’s future research stars through the donations our benefactors make today.

Medical research support for 50+ years

More than half a century ago, in 1970, the AMRF was established to support the Austin-precinct based medical researchers.

Today that numbers more than 800 individual researchers across various hospital departments, including three University of Melbourne departments and four independent research institutes. These vibrant teams of medical innovators have been able to achieve amazing advances in patient care and treatments thanks to our support. 

Whether it’s cancer patients or those in intensive care, AMRF takes a leading role in empowering scientists and researchers in the medical field to push the boundaries of what’s possible medically for those in need. 

Austin Hospotal

A new way to research

At the time of its founding, our Foundation was ahead of its time in encouraging closer and more interactions between researchers and clinicians.

Fostering strong relationships to support collaboration and ensure leveraged collective knowledge has proven critical for greater medical breakthroughs. Today, our approach is utilised by many of the top research organisations, not just in Victoria and across Australia, but around the world. 

Support through more than just funding

Our medical researchers attract grants and funding from various highly competitive agencies, including but not limited to the National Health and Medical Research Council and the National Heart Foundation. 

This consistent funding reflects the high quality of research our teams conduct and the industry-changing contributions the outcomes of these projects have made. 

State-of-the-art facilities for ground-breaking discoveries

In addition to the grant funding we provide specific research projects with, our ongoing investment in ensuring the Austin precinct’s facilities are state of the art enable our researchers to achieve great results and fulfil their potential.

These facilities include

  • The BioResources Facility

  • The Melbourne Brain Centre 

  • The Olivia Newton-John Cancer and Wellness Centre

Meet the AMRF board of directors

Our directors are more than just experienced individuals from around the industry, they’re passionate about medical research and its potential in changing the face of patient care, treatment and diagnosis.

Learn more about who our directors are here.

Award-winning research is just the beginning…

The awards AMRF has received over the last half-century are testament to the amazing work and medical discoveries of our researchers. But we don’t pursue awards for the sake of it.

Instead, they are valuable in providing us with the distinguished reputation we need to further promote the worthy cause of supporting medical research. While we’re proud to exhibit our awards, our focus is - always - on ensuring our innovative researchers receive the support and funding they need.

Every dollar donated supports innovative new medical care and treatment research.

The AMRF guarantees that every dollar our donors contribute goes to medical research. With a number of donation options available to suit your needs, you can help us help those on the cutting-edge of medical breakthroughs and global health programs.