Supporting tomorrow’s medical discoveries today

The Austin Medical Research Foundation (AMRF) has been supporting outstanding medical research programs in the Austin precinct since its establishment. 

That’s over 50 years of unwavering support for researchers working to improve our health care, patient experience and medical outcomes. 

Since 1970, the AMRF has:

  • Donated $11.5 million 

  • Supported over 960 projects

Changing the face of medical research

Our support, through donations and our bequest program, is directed to the medical researchers with the greatest ideas in the industry. 

With a focus on changing the face of medical research and, in turn, patient care, our grants directly influence the development of key medical treatments, procedures and capabilities.

From funding research that led to the world’s first discovery of an epilepsy gene to the development of an innovative online program for women suffering from postnatal depression, our beneficiaries have contributed to life-changing medical findings.  

Every dollar donated supports innovative new medical care and treatment research.

The AMRF guarantees that every dollar our donors contribute goes to medical research. With a number of donation options available to suit your needs, you can help us help those on the cutting-edge of medical breakthroughs and global health programs.

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