Awards for medical researchers with great ideas

The AMRF Distinguished Scientist Award

This award, honours prominent Medical Research Scientists at Austin Health.

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The impressive list of recipients illustrates the calibre of research at Austin Health.

  • 2000 Professor Ian McKenzie 

  • 2001 Professor Ken Hardy

  • 2002 Professor Samuel Berkovic

  • 2003 Professor William Louis

  • 2004 Professor Arthur Shulkes

  • 2005 Professor George Jerums

  • 2006 Professor Geoffrey Donnan

  • 2007 Professor Rinaldo Bellomo

  • 2008 Professor Ego Seeman

  • 2009 Professor Louise Burrell

  • 2010 Professor Mary Galea

  • 2011 Professor David Hare 

  • 2012 Professor Ingrid Scheffer

  • 2013 Professor Joseph Proietto

  • 2014 Professor Andrew Scott

  • 2015 Professor Peter Angus

  • 2016 Professor Julie Bernhardt

  • 2017 Professor Christopher Rowe

  • 2018 Professor Susan Walker

  • 2019 Professor Jeffrey Zajac

  • 2020 Professor Graeme Jackson

  • 2021 Professor Jonathan Cebon

  • 2022 David Story

To be considered for nominations, the nominee must:

  • Be a senior medical research scientist with an international reputation

  • Be a Head of a Department or Research Group

  • Have made a significant contribution to medical research

  • Have fostered young medical research scientists and have supervised postgraduate students.

Nominations are welcome from any member of staff.

The AMRF Young Investigator Award 

This award encourages a young researcher to further his/her research career by enabling attendance at a national or international scientific meeting or at a relevant professional development course.

For more details about Austin LifeSciences ResearchFest  and the awards

click on the following link ResearchFest

Past recipients (and research topic):

  • 2008 Cherie Chiang (Mineralisation and bone resorption are regulated by the androgen receptor in male mice)

  • 2009 Danya Vears (SCARB2 mutations in progressive myolconus epilepsy without renal failure)

  • 2010 Phuong Phan (Walking on level and sloped surfaces following stroke)

  • 2011 Clare Whitehead (Measuring hypoxia-induced mRNA in maternal blood to detect fetal hypoxia in-utero)

  • 2012 Natasha Holmes (Organism factors associated with elevated vancomycin minimum inhibitory concentration in Staphlococcus aureus bacteraemia)

  • 2013 Fiona Brownfoot (Pravastatin quenches oxysterol-induced upregulation of soluble endoglin in primary endothelial cells: a potential therapeutic for preeclampsia)

  • 2014 Jennifer Cori (The effect of arousal and subsequent hypocapnia on genioglossus muscle activity in obstructive sleep apnea)

  • 2015 Jessie Chieh-Hsin Yang (Identification and characterisation of genes influencing insulin secretion and glycaemic variability in mice and men)

  • 2016 Salvatore Mangiafico (Untangling The Role Of The Alzheimer's Protein Tau In Type 2 Diabetes)

  • 2017 Riley Morrow (Manipulating Myc expression as a novel therapeutic strategy for gastric cancer)

  • 2018 Dinali Fernando (Advanced glycation end products (AGEs)derived from diets have more impact on the progression of fatty liver disease than endogenously derived AGEs)

  • 2019 Teresa MacDonald (Increasing fetal growth velocity increases the risk of shoulder dystocia among non-macrosomic foetuses)

  • 2020 Zimeng Ye (Cerebrospinal Fluid Liquid Biopsy for Detection of Somatic Mosaicism in Brain.

  • 2021 Linda Dalic (Electrical Stimulation of Thalamic centromedian nucleus for Epilepsy of Lennox-Gastaut syndrome (ESTEL): a randomised, double blind, placebo-controlled epilepsy treatment trial)

  • 2022 Emerson Keenan (Using artificial intelligence to reliably extract the fetal heart rate using non-invasive fetal electrocardiography)

  • 2023 Thomas Rollinson (Magnitude and time to peak oxygenation effect of prone positioning in ventilated adults with COVID-19 related acute lung injury​)

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