Apply for grants with AMRF

Are you a medical researcher looking to apply for funding to support your project? If you’re located at the Austin precinct, we welcome you to apply here during open grant rounds.

The Austin Medical Research Foundation (AMRF) provides funding and support for medical researchers located at the Austin precinct.

Our grant rounds are open at select times of the year. Please ensure you familiarise yourself with the guidelines, budget requirements, deadlines and application submission details. 

Grant application details

You must be a medical researcher at the Austin precinct in order to apply for a grant. For more guidelines regarding who is eligible for a grant, please see the Guidelines and Information Pack.

Grant applications can only be submitted when the round is open.

The requested budget for any particular research project should not exceed $30,000.

The AMRF generally announces grant results around the middle of December for the following year.

We publish the recipients of our grants online. You can view the most recent year’s list of research programs provided with funding here.

There are a variety of factors that can influence how much money is awarded through grants. This can include details regarding the applicants and applications, funding available and number of donations received.

In 2023, the total amount awarded by the AMRF was $413,500.

Grant application key information

Application dates

Applications close: Wednesday 18 October 2023 at 5:00pm

More information

Make sure to click on the following links for more information regarding applications and the required application form.

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Every dollar donated supports innovative new medical care and treatment research.

The AMRF guarantees that every dollar our donors contribute goes to medical research. With a number of donation options available to suit your needs, you can help us help those on the cutting-edge of medical breakthroughs and global health programs.