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Great-res-logoPORTRAITPhilanthropic support is vital to the researchers at the Austin precinct. Their globally recognised research has already created new ways to improve patient care and treatment around the world. The Austin Medical Research Foundation (AMRF) is grateful to our donors and offers a number of options to suit their needs.


Donors can choose to:


  • Make an unspecified donation and allow our Research Advisory Committee to fund research based on scientific merit
  • Support research into a particular disease
  • Support a particular research group
  • Support a specific research project


Donations can also be earmarked for immediate allocation or to provide long-term funding. In this way, donors can contribute to research immediately or provide for the future.


Given the wide variety of research in progress at the Austin precinct, donors can choose to support projects ranging from breast cancer research to mental health research.



Our Promise:

The AMRF guarantees that every dollar goes to medical research.

Your gift if dedicated to a specific project will be used on that project.


The AMRF has Australian Tax Office approval. Donations $2 and over are tax deductible. The AMRF also submits annual company returns to the Australian Companies and Securities Commission and undergoes an annual external audit.


Call or email us for more information.


Download an AMRF donation form or donate using PayPal below.


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